In the fall of 2002, Dave Piasecki, Upsala's High School Principal, gathered a small group of volunteers and formed the Upsala Area Dollars for Scholars. Several local donations were made totaling $1337.62, as well as a $1800 donation from the John Wedum Dollars for Scholars Endowment. Our grand total for fundraising this first year was $1744.38 and our expenses to get set up were nearly $1000. We gave out $2800 in scholarships to our graduating seniors in the Class of 2003.

We made the decision that Upsala Dollars for Scholars would provide scholarships to ALL Upsala seniors who apply for funds and go on to any type of postsecondary education.

Each year, we have tried new fundraisers, continued some old ones, found some new volunteers, and continued to receive help from some of the same faithful volunteers from past years. The Upsala Lions Club has generously donated $2500 to our group for many years.

We are still a small group, although some of the faces have changed. We are still providing scholarships to ALL Upsala seniors who apply. Last year, we raised $13,000 for the class of 2013. Quite impressive for a small group with such humble beginnings!


PO Box 190, 415 South Main Street

Upsala, MN 56384